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With the fate of two worlds at stake, our Havock soon finds himself in the other world forced into the role of hero and savior for which he is unprepared.  The two Martins must work together across an ocean of time and space to save both of their worlds from the diabolical plans of Mister E.  Along the way, they find themselves at odds with the two women they both love while at the same time fighting to prove their very sanity. 

 In THE CLIFF DWELLERS, we learn that our world is mirrored by a dark and desolate parallel earth ruled over by the tyrannical and deadly despot known only as “Mister E.”  Each one of us has a double in the other world—one who looks just like us yet remains different in many ways.  Only one family has ever possessed the knowledge to traverse the dimensions and switch places with their doppelgangers—a dynasty of scientists, magicians and troublemakers known as the Havocks.  

Ralph King's the cliff Dwellers. Dark Angel City, ralphytv.com Felicha Chong as Eris . Dark Angel City

Interview with the cast about the Cliff Dwellers.

Dark Angel City, The Cliff Dwellers, ralphytv.com Brittney Powell as Rache'. Dark Angel City. The Cliff Dwellers
Dark Angel City, The Cliff Dwellers, ralphytv.com Bill Jackson as Harry Havock. Dark Angel City.


The CLIFF DWELLERS is an on-going tale of two parallel worlds—our reality and its mysterious double, a dark and foreboding earth where magic and mystery are a part of daily life.  We'll follow businessman Martin Havock as he finds himself able to cross over to this other world where he inhabits his double's body—a hard boiled investigator at odds with the villainous Mister E and his warrior woman Eris.  A story with elements of science fiction and film noir but it also works on a personal level as it tells the tale of Martin's relationship with his wife Rachel—and her own tough-talking and sexy counterpart.

Sci-fi / film noir two genres brought together

Dark Angel City, The Cliff Dwellers, ralphytv.com Eris looks down on the city.
Dark Angel City, The Cliff Dwellers, ralphytv.com Harry opens a porthole
Dark Angel City, The Cliff Dwellers, ralphytv.com Havock and Rache' on the job.

Designed as a graphic novel, THE CLIFF DWELLERS will delight comic book fans with panels that come alive with sound and action.  Sci-fi and film noir buffs will marvel at the way the two genres are brought together in a new and unique manner.  Photographers will be amazed at how these pictures use layers of elements as well as movements to form a seamless new world and artform.  Fans of radio shows and podcasts will enjoy the sound effects, music and dialogue that accompany the images that have come from my imagination.


Brittney Powell as Rache'

Dark Angel City, The Cliff Dwellers, ralphytv.com Rache'

Felicia Chong as Eris

Dark Angel City, The Cliff Dwellers, ralphytv.com Eris

Tom Konkle as Martin Havock

Dark Angel City, The Cliff Dwellers, ralphytv.com Tom Konkle as Martin Havock

The Cliff Dwellers

Dark Angel City, The Cliff Dwellers, ralphytv.com Martin and Rachel Havock
Ralph King Felica Chong as Eris. Dark Angel City. The Cliff Dwellers.
Dark Angel City, The Cliff Dwellers, ralphytv.com Ralph King's The Cliff Dwellers. Tree of Knowledge

Ralph King

RALPH KING is the creator and mastermind of this project. An accomplished cinematographer, still photographer, director cameraman and high definition specialist, Ralph has been in the business for decades and has worked on such films and TV shows as CSI NY,LAS VEGAS , HAWTHORNE, THE MIDDLEMAN, THREE RIVERS, ,SHOWTIME "ALPHA 26 X"; and the smash hit DEXTER.  Ralph has a unique vision of what CLIFF DWELLERS is going to be and his infectious charm and humor has helped to draw together a talented cast to make his dream a reality.  

Ralph King , ralphytv.com , Los Angeles, Photography, HD production visit .www.ralphytv.com

Tom Konkle

Funny and versatile, TOM KONKLE plays Martin Havock bringing an equal amount of his charm and acting talent to both the tough-talking investigator and the out-of-his-league businessman trapped in a world he never made.  An award winning actor, Tom also writes and directs and is currently working on his dream project TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS.  Tom has appeared on the shows SAFETY GEEKS: SVI, LUCK, INVENTION WITH BRIAN FORBES, SPY TV and COMMUNITY. Tom has also worked with members of Monty Python and was the founder of the sketch troupe McFwap.  

Brittney Powell

The luminous BRITTNEY POWELL stars as Rachel/Rache'.  Funny, talented and spirited, Brittney gained a cult following for her recurring role of Brunnhilda on XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS.  She has appeared in the films TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS,  AIRBORNE and THAT THING YOU DO as well as roles in the TV series WEIRD SCIENCE, GENERAL HOSPITAL, PACIFIC PALISADES, TITANS and SAFETY GEEKS: SVI.  Brittney's beauty, humor and presence bring to life both sides of her character(s) and add human interest to this tale of parallel worlds and magical warriors.

The Cliff Dwellers , Dark Angel City, Ralph King,ralphytv.com Felicia Chong as Eris

Felicia Chong

The winged warrior Eris is portrayed by the beautiful FELICIA CHONG.  A model and actress, Felicia has appeared in the films LAST CALL, KING OF THE UNDERGROUND and THE GIRL IN THE MIRROR and was featured on an episode of MILLIONAIRE MATCHMAKER.  She has done extensive modeling work and is currently designing her own line of lingerie.  Felicia makes Eris a sexy siren who will steal your heart—literally!

Bill Jackson

Upcoming episodes will introduce Martin Havock's father—a magician/con man in the alternate reality and a possible threat in ours. A veteran of stage, radio, screen and television, BILL JACKSON will be taking the role bringing his skills and humor to the demanding dual part. Bill's been involved with the industry for a long time (SEINFELD, MELROSE PLACE, GENERAL HOSPITAL, SANTA BARBARA, KNOT'S LANDING, DALLAS [the original,] and several film and stage productions). He is an asset to the series as well as a great talent.

Jeff Miller

Film historian and writer JEFF MILLER is penning the series.  Having done over 100 documentaries for Passport Productions, Miller also writes books and articles about classic horror and comedy films as well as radio plays and comic books.  The former manager of Hollywood's Rocket Video, he is also a script consultant and participates in local theater.  Jeff has been a lifelong fan of horror, science fiction, murder mysteries, film noir and comics and hopes to bring elements of all those areas into this new venture.

Christopher James Berry

 Composer, arranger and performer CHRISTOPHER JAMES BERRY will be providing music for the CLIFF DWELLERS series. Born in Boston but based in the UK, this multi-talented and versatile musician has played alongside such groups and individuals as the Indigo Girls, the Pixies, Dead Can Dance, Throwing Muses, Heidi Berry and Narada Michael Walden among many others. Berry is a master of guitar, mandolin, cello, keyboards and trumpet and is a member of the band the Titans. Along with several albums, Berry's work has been used on TV series and films including BAYWATCH, BURYING THE DEAD and THE MOON AND THE SUN. His unique style and musical talents are an asset to this production adding just the right touch to the stylized drama and excitement of the series.